Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The Music Room by Vilhelm Hammershoi


Empty of dulcet chords of love
fast drawn curtains deny day's light.
Clouds roam kissing edges above.
You've gone and thus defines my plight.
Music transformed to filmy night,
a sad crystallized existence.
My whimsical heart closed up tight
awaiting with love's persistence.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski

A huitain contains 8 lines, 8 syllables per line
Rhyme Scheme ababbcbc


  1. Touche Jo, your closing line clinches your verse. Never tried this form, very interesting!

  2. Well done as always, Jo. You seem to have an endless supply of different types of poems.

    By-the-by, yesterday I had the opportunity for the very first time to drive through your lovely state. Unfortunately on quick roadtrip, so time for sightseeing. I was impressed with the beautiful country side, and also depressed at the amount of road construction!

  3. Road construction? You got that right! What part of the state were you in?

  4. Mostly on 76/70....they also seem particularly proud of their toll-roads out there, but I suppose that allows for the work, huh?

  5. Man

    I know that feeling

    All too well