Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Issue - Word Catalyst Magazine

A new issue is published! Word Catalyst Magazine! It's chock full of stories, poems, photographs, and artwork and it's free! You won't find a better evening's diversion than when snuggling up with Word Catalyst...well, I know it's hard to snuggle up with a computer, but you'll manage, won't you?

A snippet from my column:

To be a window washer is to be a shadow. You hover on the edge looking in, taken for granted. A dumb animation on the other side of a glass pane, you are there for unguarded moments, moments people would never speak about or reveal to you normally. Yet there you are, seeing all. Soon you disappear, never be thought of again...carrying precious observations with you in the folds of your drying cloth, a glimpse into lives and secrets, elusive and ephemeral as the air itself. That was how it was for Tom Brady the day he saw Brenda Farley turn into Sarah Thompson.

He didn't know her by those names, of course. But he saw the brunette secretary slip into the powder room and emerge again as a blond. Running his squeegee down the glass, he stared between quick swipes as the woman changed her pale pink lipstick to blood red and pulled open her top buttons to give more exposure to her breasts. She kicked off flat pumps and squeezed her feet into spike heels, next hiking up her skirt to halfway up her shapely thigh.


  1. A nice read it is, too. But, beware, brave reader, for a healthy dose of irony awaits. And the name of the main character... could it be that an envious Pittsburgher takes a swipe at a certain Super Bowl quarterback who even now prepares for his date with destiny?

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Nice hook and excellent beginning. You can't do better than that when trying to interest a potential reader.

  3. Bubba,
    It certainly is a swipe at that rat of a quarterback!!! Glad someone noticed. lol

  4. Anonymous,
    Thank you!

  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Jo, Beginning with my grandson Justin Kaufman who set up my blogspace, you and others have helped to open up an entire new world for me and just at a time I needed it most. Growing old in the body but still sharp in the mind, sometimes presents a problem. Though I still drive and consider both other drivers and me safe on the road while I am behind the wheel of a car, I find myself more and more content to stay home. So pleased to have you for a "blogger-friend". Love your site. Mary from Meander With Me.

  6. Mary, I consider it an honor to know you...a lady of true wisdom and wit.

  7. Jo, very entertaining story and quite a lesson on how cruel tendencies.