Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Morning

Walking softly, ghosts of winter
swish past trees of rugged bark.
Sound remains preoccupied, smothered in snow.
Only pine needles fidget, whimpering green.
Spooky quiet, early morning still,
Oh, that frigid winter spirit!

My spine tingles, lurking chilly spirit
icy fingers tapping notes of winter
up my back, and yet all is still
like those brooding trees with dull bark.
Whispers flow from only remaining green
poking through mounds of snow.

White-blanket obedient snow
fulfilling the will of its task master spirit,
blanketing all, challenging everything green
painting landscapes of monotonous winter,
but not those trees of stand-tall bark
at attention in defiance holding still.

Trees awaiting a miraculous moment still
when warming rays come marching across snow
while sunshine tickles those dull trees' bark
with insouciant morning spirit
waking the doldrums of gray winter
melting snow blankets, freeing green.

Vibrant life-filled promises in green
amidst a winter morning still
blades of grass longing to cast off winter
poking through blankets of snow
reaching to warming sun spirit
as rays skittle down tree bark.

But then covering its face, sun retreats from bark
pulling back rays, ignoring grasses green
snatching away warmth, casting aside spring spirit
returning winter's grasp on the forest still
while patches of ice recover in the snow
making new lacy patterns of winter.

God bless that pause in winter, warming forest bark
with melting snow, and emerging green
while time stands still, bowing to spring's elusive spirit.

Copyright 2008 JO Janoski


  1. you have a way of making nature come to life... this was very well done...

  2. Very impressive Jo and quite an undertaking. I've started, but I'm not sure I'm going to get this one finished.

  3. I love it! As Paisley said, you do have a way with nature.

  4. And all I saw were tire tracks in the snow.


  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    You may not have written it in quite these words but, 'silence smothered in snow' is a perfect description of a deep woods in winter. While I'll always be a poet "out of time", I trust I may always understand beauty in words when I read them. Mary from Meander With Me

  6. Your waiting for winter to retreat is worth spending sometime in the cold weather to experience... thanks

  7. Just wanted to hi. Nice poem by the way.